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More About Larry

More detail about the background and skills of Larry Lowenthal, a real estate expert witness who is retained for lawsuits wherein Florida real estate brokers are charged with malpractice, failure to disclose, negligence, dishonesty, deceptive conduct, violations of Florida statutes and the Realtor Code of Ethics.  Depending upon the facts and the law, Larry works for plaintiffs and defendants, and testifies at depositions and trials.

Over the years, Larry was appointed by his local Board of Realtors to carefully review and analyze  hundreds of ethics complaints about Realtors. Retained as an expert dozens of times, he testified under oath at several depositions and trials.  Locations of attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants range from the  Panhandle to Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Marco Island, Stuart, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. (See "Out of State" below.)

For the South Broward Board of Realtors, Larry sat on hearing panels that adjudicated Ethics complaints against Realtors,  and he also arbitrated commission disputes when procuring cause is to be determined --  "Who earned the commission?"

OUT OF STATE Larry was retained to consult with

  • a Michigan attorney whose client was appealing an adverse opinion from the local board of Realtors. 

  • a West Virginia attorney whose clients sued a broker & seller, alleging failure to disclose a known, latent property defect. 

  • a North Dakota insurance defense attorney whose national-brand client was charged with failing to disclose personal information about a local developer to a buyer. 

  • an Illinois attorney whose clients sued their national-brand Realtors and the sellers in an action involving latent defects and the negligent disclosure of inspection results. 

  • an Ohio attorney whose client charged a national-brand broker with nonfeasance in the course of a commercial short sale.

  • a Pennsylvania plaintiff charging a national-brand broker with failing to disclose known latent material defects, namely hidden water and termite damage.

  • a New Mexico insurance defense attorney whose national-brand client was charged with failing to disclose known, latent material defects.

Real estate statutes are very similar throughout the land, so it only takes a brief reading for Larry to identify and understand the differences from state to state.

Of course, Larry is familiar with Florida Statutes 475 and 61J2 regarding the duties of real estate brokers and agents towards their clients, customers, and the public.  Typically, these issues address fairness, honesty, care, and diligence in the performance of actions as well as the complex nature of agency and representation.

The Realtor Code of Ethics applies uniformly to all Realtors across the country, and Larry has been retained to help licensees in Florida and other states with Professional Standards (ethics) hearings.

Larry is

1. Experienced in the day-to-day business and intricacies of real estate transactions. He can relate to the emotions that often affect the conduct of the parties and their brokers.  

2, A low-key professional adept at reducing the myriad facts of a complex transaction to its simple core elements ("What really happened here?" or "Who was procuring cause?"), then communicating that simpler explanation to both retaining counsel and jurors so they, too, will understand what happened. 

3. A skilled, professional presenter with decades of advertising writing experience. Larry also taught a continuing education course, "Business Writing," for five years at Broward College.

To examine Larry's CV, click HERE.

Telephone (352) 372-2135      E-mail: Larry@RealWitness.com    
5000 SW 25th Boulevard, #3103, Gainesville, Florida 32608

(Larry, formerly of Broward County...is now surrounded by Gators!)
Working with Defendants, Plaintiffs, and their Attorneys since 2003.

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