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Actual letters and quotes from attorneys and clients about Larry Lowenthal, a real estate expert witness who is retained for lawsuits wherein real Florida estate brokers are charged with malpractice, failure to disclose, negligence, dishonesty, deceptive conduct, violations of Florida law and the Realtor Code of Ethics.  Depending upon the facts and the law, Larry works for plaintiffs and defendants, and testifies at depositions and trials.


Letter from a defendant's attorney

Letter from a real estate investor

Letter from a trustee/developer

Letter from a plaintiff's attorney

Letter from a defendant's attorney

Expert Evaluation Form from a plaintiff's attorney

Letter from a plaintiff's attorney

Letter from a plaintiff's attorney

Letter from the National Association of Realtors

Plus these Real Quotes from Real Attorneys & Clients

"You're very good."  (After I answered the attorney's questions before they were asked.)

"I highly recommended you to him." 
(From an insurance defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale
re: her referral of me to an attorney in Tampa.)

"You're the only one the jury believed."  (Bittersweet retaining attorney.)

"He gave me everything I wanted."  (By retaining attorney after using my questions
to depose Broker/defendant.)

"You look so wise...so wise."  (By retaining attorney, just before trial, where we prevailed.)

"I appreciate your expertise and hard work in this case...." (By retaining
attorney, shortly after settlement.)

"Hi Larry, this is perfect."  (Retaining attorney, upon receiving my written opinion.)

"Thank you sooo much for all your help on this file. I really think your opinion/report got
this case settled..!!  Your services were excellent."
  (By retaining insurance defense attorney.)

"Your report helped me open a closed door at the DBPR so I am happy with it."
(By retaining Plaintiff.)

"She gave us everything we wanted."  (By retaining attorney after using my questions
to depose opposing expert witness.)

"I bet your questions (for the opposing expert) saved our collective arses."    (By retaining Plaintiff)

"We settled the _ _ _ _ case last Friday at mediation, no doubt in part due to your excellent report."  (By retaining defense attorney.)

"(The) judge refused to pass summary judgement for selling agent.  I strongly believe your opinion and expertise played key role."  (By retaining Plaintiff)


Larry poised to get an award from the Broward County Commission. 
Left, former Vice-Mayor and old friend Lori Parrish.













Telephone (352) 372-2135      E-mail: Larry@RealWitness.com    
5000 SW 25th Boulevard, #3103, Gainesville, Florida 32608

(Larry, formerly of Broward County...is now surrounded by Gators!)
Working with Defendants, Plaintiffs, and their Attorneys since 2003.

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