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Larry Lowenthal is a Real Estate Expert Witness and Realtor in Florida who is retained when a real estate broker's conduct and professional ethics are an issue in civil litigation.  Larry, who earned a Florida Real Estate Broker license over thirty years ago, is typically requested to address matters such as Failure to Disclose latent defects, Standard of Care, the Realtor Code of Ethics,  Procuring Cause (who earned a commission?), Real Estate Broker Negligence, and Malpractice, which may include dishonesty, forgery, and conversion of funds.

 Since 2003, Depending upon the facts and law, Larry has helped plaintiffs and defendants in roughly equal numbers. However, Larry turns away about half of all prospective cases for lack of substance or evidence, or because the facts or law do not favor the inquiring party. 

In addition to Florida, Larry has also been retained to help clients in Georgia, West Virginia, Michigan, and North Dakota.

A real estate expert witness can help   
determine answers to these questions:

Was the real estate broker's conduct ethical? 
Or dishonest?  Did it meet the standard of care?

Did the conduct conform to that required by Florida Statutes 475
and 61j ? 
Was it malpractice?  Negligence?

Did the real estate broker fail to disclose latent defects? 
(Was the broker even required to disclose the information?)

Or is the Realtor being unjustly accused?

Here is a list of typical complaints analyzed by Larry. 

"The real estate broker...

  • Failed to disclose latent defects or hidden facts about the property or the transaction which materially and negatively affected value

  • Failed to present an offer

  • Made false statements about a property or a party to a transaction

  • Created false advertising

  • Was unfair and dishonest (broker malpractice)

  • Was negligent (not diligent or careful)

  • Breached a statutory, professional, or contractually-created duty

  • Provided property opinions outside area of professional expertise

  • Accepted undisclosed kickbacks, commissions, or finder's fees

  • Did not use skill or care regarding the transaction

  • Failed to disclose a private relationship with buyer or seller

  • Conspired with mortgage broker, closing agent, or appraiser to defraud lender

  • Failed to account and deliver funds

  • Forged a signature on a sales contract or other legal document

  • Shared in illicit proceeds

  • Did not earn the commission (aka not procuring cause)

Here's how Larry helps.  He can

  • Offer a private, undiscoverable, pre-trial opinion as a consulting expert. 

  • Test your theory of the case.  Maybe the parties should settle?

  • Inform an attorney about the nature of undiscovered evidence that can strengthen the case.

  • Create probing questions for retaining counsel to use at depositions and trial.

  • Evaluate opposing counsel's strategies, claims, and charges.

  • Help prepare for depositions and trial -- even create graphics.

  • Present the crucial facts in a friendly, understandable way to juries.

"Please contact me with your question.  I will respond quickly and honestly."

Larry addressing the Broward County Commission
after receiving an award for his public service work.

Telephone (954) 437-2133    E-mail: Larry@RealWitness.com      VCard

Mailing Address: 
11565 N. Quayside Drive, Cooper City, Florida 33026
(In Broward County, southwest of Fort Lauderdale and northwest of Miami)

Working with Defendants, Plaintiffs, and their Attorneys since 2003.

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